Jaela Daran

Keeper of the Flame


Jaela Daran is an eleven-year-old girl who serves as the spiritual leader of the Church of the Silver Flame. She was a daughter of a craftsman who worked in Flamekeep. When she was four, she started to show the ability to predict events. Her father soon took her to the Church of the Silver Flame to be tested. When she got there, the Silver Flame told her about a cell of the Lords of Dust in Flamekeep. With that, the knights of the Silver Flame captured and destroyed the cell. This event showed that she was connected with the Silver Flame. She lives in the Church of the Silver Flame where she receives instruction in Theologicas. She is very humble and modest. She usually dresses in robes of gray or black, with no shoes at all. She has gray eyes. She has a pure silver streak in her short dark hair, which shows that she is linked with the Silver Flame, and has a chocolate-colored complexion. It is said that, although she is only eleven, she has the intelligence of the Keepers before her, and speaks with the voice of them all. She is one of the strongest clerics on Eberron, but has to stay near Flamekeep with the Silver Flame. She goes nowhere without her pet Skaravojen (a dragonhound and created by House Vadalis to protect the many Keepers of the Flame).


Jaela Daran

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